Thanksgiving Malaise

Mmmfff… too… much… food… in… tummy.Robert and Mike came over today to share in some Thanksgiving goodness. I think Jennifer and I overdid it as far as our first Thanksgiving meal. We made: golden cheddar soup, green beans, Waldorf salad, stuffed pork roast, stuffed cornish hens, stuffing, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and pumpkin cheesecake. Mike contributed some garlic bread with homemade garlic spread and some homemade vanilla ice cream. Never having prepared such a large meal before, we had some timing problems getting everything ready at the same time. Having one only one oven with so many things requiring an oven was a pain. Also, not having any experience preparing cornish hens or port roast led to a bit of guessing. The pork roast turned out to be way too dry and overcooked. The cornish hen turned out well, though. Oh, and the extra stuffing was too dry, too. And much of the other stuff was cold by the time we got to it. Ugh. We’ll get it right eventually.As a side note, I had Kruder & Dorfmeister‘s The K&D Sessionsô in the hi-fi while cleaning up after dinner. The second track of the second disk has a remix of a Sofa Surfers song called Sofa Rockers. When it came on, I realized it’s the same music that plays when you first install a copy of Mac OS X on your computer and are asked to register with Apple. I’m not sure if the track that is played during registration is the original or the remix since it only playes for about 20 seconds or so and then fades out. I guess I’ll have to track down the original to find out.

Little Gamer

Okay, with nothing better to report right now, I’d figure I’d just make a post about this game that I’ve become addicted to called Collapse. Though there is a sample applet that you can play on their web site, there are a few extra features in the full version that make it a bit more fun. Unfortunately it’s only for Windows. Maybe with a little prodding they may make a Mac version. One can wish.

From Mickey to Magnums

I’ve added a few more albums to the photo gallery from our recent trips to Florida and Napa.We went down to Florida last weekend to visit our friends Jeff and Sara since we hadn’t done so in over three years (though we did see them at our wedding). We had a very nice, relaxing vacation filled with canoing, home improvement projects, amusements, and naps.This past weekend, my brother and his girlfriend Rachel were in town. We headed up to Napa Valley for the obligatory winery tours. This time, however, we threw a hot air balloon trip from Napa Valley Balloons into the mix. It was an experience not to miss!

Buy That Man A PS2

Fed up with President Bush’s war mongering ways? Loosing sleep at night over the impending death and destruction? Feel there must be a way you can change his mind about invading Iraq? Now you can! Contribute now to the Buy Bush a PlayStation 2 campaign. Included in the deal is a copy of “Conflict: Desert Storm”. Divert Bush’s commando instincts to a more appropriate war theater. Save our servicemen and innocent Iraqi civilians from the unneccessary horrors of war. Act now! Operators are standing by.