A Good Day

Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day, in spite of the weather and health conditions.I managed to stub my middle toe on my left foot on the bathroom door Wednesday night before bed. It was fine during the day Thursday, but Thursday night rolled around and all of a sudden I felt a soreness when flexing my toes. After a few minutes it got to the point where it really hurt. I took of my shoe to see it swelling up. I’m not sure what caused the delayed reaction (24 hours later!), but I must have tweaked it somehow. I was hoping it would go away over night but I woke up Friday to a digit that continued to be sore and swollen. This did not bode well, as I had been planning to go climbing at Mt. Diablo on Saturday with Rob and Jeremy but I was reduced to a hobbling gimp. Continue reading

Photo Management

Phew! I’m finally caught up with respect to posting photos. Unfortunately I don’t have many for April yet. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes.Preparing the photographs for prime-time can be time consuming. Truthfully, I could just upload the lot of them and let people see all of them for better or worse. While that certainly is the quickest route, I don’t like doing this for a number of reasons. Continue reading

Filoli Redux

My mother was in town at the end of March so we decided to head back to Filoli to see what had changed since we had been there with Jennifer’s mother at the beginning of the month. Some daffodils were still blooming, but the highlights of this trip were the wisteria and the tulips. By chance, we also ran into my cousin Don and his family who live nearby in Belmont. Filoli was just as photogenic as last time, though the atmosphere was slightly different with the different flowers in bloom. There were also more people wandering through the gardens, which made it much more challenging to take photographs of the grounds.

Hiking at Lake Tahoe

We spent the weekend of March 20th at Lake Tahoe with our friends Matt and Minette. It was a pretty relaxing trip that included a nice leisurely snowshoe excursion near Mt. Rose. The temperature was very warm – around 70 degrees Fahrenheit – so we all stripped down to our base layers shortly into the hike. Because the sun was so bright on the spring snow, photographs became fairly difficult. These are the few photographs that turned out well enough or were salvageable by adjusting brightness levels. The last photograph is from a short stroll we took along Donner Lake.

Point Arena Lighthouse

Sandy, Leon, Jennifer, Kaija and I had a great weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area March 12-14 at the Point Arena Lighthouse, about 125 miles north along the coast from San Francisco. We stayed in the living quarters adjacent to the lighthouse. As it turns out, this location was used in the filming of the moving starring Mel Gibson called Forever Young. The gazebo seen in some of the photographs was built for the movie. The lighthouse beacon is not currently operational but should be by the end of the summer. The beach in the photographs is at Manchester State Park, located a few miles north of Point Arena. The funky building near the end of the album is the Sea Ranch Chapel, a non-denominational place of worship located along Highway 1 south of Point Arena.