As part of my current running training schedule, I was slated to run 10 miles on Saturday. Well… due to the cold weather, strong winds and icy roads up north this weekend, I chose to postpone the run until tonight when I could do it after the girls went to sleep from the comfort of my own home on the treadmill. I run on the treadmill fairly frequently, but never for such a long distance (or time) due to the mind-numbing boredom that insues. But for lack of a better opportunity and a dedication to the schedule, I put the headphones on, queued up a number of podcasts that I’ve been meaning to catch up on, and ran. I was nearing the end of my 10 miles with approximately 0.34 miles to go when I watched the elapsed time counter hit 99 minutes. Now, since there are only two digits for minutes and two for seconds on the display, I assumed it would just rollover to 00:00 at the end of that 99th minute and continue. Boy, was I wrong. Oh, I was right about going to 00:00. But the treadmill’s tread also stopped rotating and I nearly impaled myself on the console. I realize that most people don’t spend that much time on the treadmill, but they could have at least put some kind of warning label on the machine indicating what would happen at minute 100! The last thing I need right now is a running injury. I restarted the treadmill and finished up my workout without further incident. Maybe I’ll apply my own warning sticker to the console as a reminder, though I doubt I’ll forget about it after tonight’s excitement.