October Photos

I’ve posted a number of new photographs taken at various points this month: Jennifer’s sister’s wedding, my climbing trip to Yosemite, a weekend at Lake Tahoe, and carving pumpkins for Halloween. I can hardly believe it myself. I actually posted some photos within a reasonable amount of time from when they were taken! Continue reading

Airs in the Air

A bunch of concerts are coming to town in the near future and I plan on going to as many as possible. Let me know if you’re interested in any of these:Nov 16 – Kid KoalaVirginia Street Gallery, San JoseNov 21 – Zero7The Fillmore, San FranciscoNov 23 – Sigur RosThe Warfield, San FranciscoNov 24 – Thievery CorporationRuby Skye, San FranciscoNov 25 – Porcupine TreeThe Fillmore, San FranciscoDec 16, 17 – Toad The Wet Sprocket / Counting CrowsThe Warfield, San FranciscoI have a feeling the Kid Koala show will be pretty intimate. I don’t expect it will be a very large venue. Zero7‘s latest album is so good. I’m bummed that I missed them this past summer. Sigur Ros is a very laid back, psychadelic ambient rock band from Iceland. Their music is very moody. I already have tickets for the Thievery Corporation show with Ian and Orla. Their music can probably best be described as modern lounge / groove. They have a new album coming out soon that they will be promoting. Porcupine Tree is a neo-progressive / art rock band heavily influenced by Pink Floyd. And out of left field, Toad The Wet Sprocket is reuniting for a limited number of shows with the Counting Crows.

And Then One Time, At…

The human mind is a strange thing. I was walking up Fourth Street in San Francisco on my way to work this morning when I caught a wiff of something that immediately brought back memories of early morning practices at band camp in high school. A scent in the middle of a city two thousand miles away and 10 years later from the grassy field in my memory. Truly bizarre.

A Hole In One

After 27 years I finally got a hole in one. No, this has nothing to do golf. I wasn’t swinging on the greens when I was 6 months old. No, today I went to the dentist. That’s right. A cavity in my lower right wisdom tooth. I’ve been told that those teeth are hard to take care of and I guess I didn’t do a very good job with that one. It’s pretty sad, but I suppose I should be happy that I made it this far in life without needing any major dental work. I’ve got an appointment to get it filled in next week. I’ll have the joy of not being able to feel a portion of my mouth for a few hours. That should provide a bit of entertainment for my coworkers.