Leon Bobble

Our friend Leon’s birthday was in December. We needed to get him a gift. Brilliance struck. We needed to get him a custom-made bobble head doll from Whoopass Enterprises. Using the first four photos included in this album, they created a custom head and body to our specifications! We think it turned out pretty darn well!

Hungry for Photos?

Eat up. I’ve been hording, but now it’s time to share.I took these shots about a month ago after setting Kaija on the bed and getting a kick out of all of the faces she was making. I grabbed my camera and the rest is history.Jennifer and I spent the week before Christmas in Carson City, NV visiting with her Aunt Brenda and Uncle Paul, Grandma and Grandpa Pugsley, and rest of her cousins from that side of the family. Aunt Brenda kept us very well fed and Uncle Paul put me to work on several home improvement projects… a welcome activity for an apartment dweller such that we are. Christmas Eve was spent opening presents. These are a few shots from that night (mostly).One of my college housemates Jessica stopped by during a trip out to the Bay Area over the holidays. We went out to breakfast, then came back to our apartment to chat and hang out with Kaija.My parents gave us a “Twas the night before Christmas” outfit at one of Kaija’s baby showers. Unfortunately, since we were planning on being back from Carson City by Christmas Eve, we didn’t bring it with us on our trip. She would be too big for it by next Christmas and we felt we couldn’t let it go to waste! Since we drove back from Carson City on Christmas day, here she is wearing the outfit after we opened our presents on the next day.Preparing for a trip to Michigan, Jennifer wanted to see if Kaija fit in her new outdoorware. Snug as a bug in a rug!