Amelia’s First Month

Well, I have to apologize about not getting photos of Amelia posted since she was born. Having an 8 megapixel camera and shooting in RAW+JPG mode has caused me to run out of space on my hard drives pretty quickly. I’ve ordered some large hard drives to aleviate the problem, so hopefully I’ll be able to post photos more quickly in the future. In the meantime, I’ve updated Amelia’s photo set to include photos of her from her first month.I’ve heard from other parents that every child is different and our experience for the first month has lived up to that. Amelia has been an avid nurser, something that Kaija took a while to get the hang of. She also frequently sleeps up to 4 hours at a time at night, a very welcome change from Kaija’s 1.5-2 hour stints. On the flip side, she does *not* like sitting in her buzzy seat, swing or car seat. She also does not care for pacifiers. This has made travelling in the car with her a very trying experience, as she’ll cry emphatically to let you know just how much she doesn’t want to be there.People seem to see more of me in Amelia’s physical facial features, whereas Kaija resembles Jennifer’s features more. Along those lines, we’ve found that, unless she’s hungry, taking her for a walk outside will often stop her crying… hopefully a sign that she’ll appreciate nature as much as I do.Kaija has been a terrific big sister. She has not shown any indication of being jealous and frequently gives Amelia kisses on the head. When Amelia cries, she tells her not to cry, that it’ll be alright and tries to give her a pacifier to calm her down.We’re still getting the hang of having another little person around. Just doing normal household chores and errands has become increasingly difficult. It’s hard to imagine how households with even more kids manage to function. I definitely have a newfound appreciation of the role of a parent.