ASCII art spam

I received the following spam in one of my mail inboxes today. I usually don’t see much spam but this one happened to make it past‘s spam filter. How do you create a mail filter for this? I suppose it could measure letter and letter combination frequency in the message body and filter out anything that doesn’t match the frequency of the native language. I’m surprised’s filter doesn’t already do that.

Big smile!

I’m making progress. Month by month I’m making it through the photo backlog. Here are the photos from September 2004 that I thought worth sharing. September was a pretty big month for us. We threw a Labor Day BBQ at a park near our apartment and I took a trip to Florida in the first half of the month, then we spent the last half of the month in Michigan house hunting. While in Michigan, we were the guest of honor at several family dinners. Additionally, Jennifer and Kaija attended a baby shower for Jennifer’s sister Rachel.

kaija eating high chair 2004sep29
kaija in waterford 2004sep28
west michigan 2004sep24-26
ahlstrom dinner 2004sep21
martin dinner 2004sep19
berkshire dinner 2004sep18
florida 2004sep10-11
serra bbq 2004sep06
kaija in september 2004sep01-30

Racquet Ball

I played Racquet Ball for the first time in a loooooong time today. I’ve started hanging out with a number of my old highschool friends who are still in the area. One of the regulars couldn’t make it tonight, so I stepped in as a sub. Thankfully they were very patient with me as I got up to speed with the rules and game play. I had a good time, though I have a long way to go before I’m anywhere near as good as they are. Of course, they have several years experience on me.

It’s okay. I’m still alive.

Could it be? Yes! After slaving in front of the computer for several hours, I’ve got another batch of photos for ya (though I can’t really consider them pipin’ hot). This time from August 2004. Plus, I threw in a bonus album: the long lost Fresno roll from May 2nd. It’s one of my favorites… with the excellent side lighting and Kaija’s hilarious expressions, I’m not sure how I managed to skip over it.

serra park 2004aug22
northstar at tahoe 2004aug14
kaija in august 2004aug06-29
lady in red 2004aug03
kaija and sandy in fresno 2004may02

Having a great time!

Yes, this is a photo of Kaija from, oh, about 7 1/2 months ago. I just thought I’d make it known that I’ve posted all of the photos from June and July that I hadn’t gotten around to posting. I did say that I wanted to remedy that and I wasn’t lying. Only 7 1/2 more months to go, assuming I don’t fall behind again… *sigh*One of the upsides to going through the photos now is that it’s fun to look back and see how much Kaija has changed over the past few months. It’s hard to believe that she still didn’t know how to walk on her own in these photos.

water babies 2004jul30
kaija mi onesie 2004jul25
kansas city 2004jul23-24
big sur picnic 2004jul18
playing at vasona park 2004jul17
sandy and leon’s 2004jul10
porch swing girls 2004jul05
back porch nature 2004jul05
kaija in july 2004jul03-31
3rd anniversary 2004jun24
brad and dipti’s parties 2004jun12,21
sunnyvale visitors 2004jun12-jul13
kaija in june 2004jun10-29