Continuing Bad Luck

In what seems to be a string of bad luck (more on that later), a number of databases behind this blog became corrupted while I was removing the comment spam from this past week. The cause of the corruption? The disk was full due to the massive amount of spam that SpamAssassin had accumulated while filtering during delivery (rather than just trashing it). How appropriate.After several hours of cleaning up the disk and working to recover the databases, it looks like we’re back in business. I even learned a little bit of Python along the way. Please let me know if you come across any oddities with the site.In the mean time, I guess we can look forward to putting a few system monitoring processes in place and might want to consider upgrading the server.


This photo of Kaija was taken on New Years Eve Eve Day.I’m experimenting with a new plug-in for iPhoto I found called Photon. There used to be a charge for it, but they recently made it free. It allows you to post an image to a blog such as this directly from iPhoto. It is somewhat limited in how the blog entry is created, but it’s acceptible.I’ve also considered using a blog authoring tool such as ecto or MarsEdit, but I haven’t had the chance to play around with either yet.I realize I’m about 7 months behind (!) on posting photos. Considering that’s half of Kaija’s age, she’s changed quite a bit since the last album. I hope to remedy that soon.

More about Kaija

I know, I know, that’s about all I write about these days. I should probably start a separate weblog just for her.It’s just that I’m already missing the “old days” when she was just a few months old, watching her learn to crawl, stand, and walk. She’s still learning, though I think from here on out the milestones will be much more subtle and/or drawnout. Even as she learns to talk, it’s one word at a time and takes a while to build a vocabulary. Heck, even I am still building a vocabulary. Continue reading