Kaija arrives

Jennifer and I were a little busy last night…Kaija Bryn Windeler (pronounced “KAI-ya”) was born at 5:05 AM PST on November 24, 2003. Weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring approximately 21 inches long, she was delivered by Jennifer after 10 hours of labor. Jennifer delivered her naturally and without medication with the assistance of myself and a terrific doula, Lisa Huse.Everyone is doing well and catching up on some well deserved sleep!Kaija is the first grandchild on both sides of her family and undoubtedly will be spoiled rotten. 🙂

Addressing A Need

I’ve been spending a bit of time updating the entries in the Address Book application in Mac OS X. There were some new features introduced in the latest release of the operating system called Panther (version 10.3). I’ve written a few scripts to fill in a few holes in the functionality. I’ve got another one on the way and yet another that I recently thought of.During my data mining, I came across a few friends’ and associates’ web sites that I figured I should add to the Links section of the main page. Here are some of the sites I’ve recently added:Matt Guthaus’ home pageBob Hagemann’s home pagePeter Honeyman’s home pageHugh Kennedy’s home pageCharles Merriam’s True Gift siteBill Merrill’s home pageJim Rees’ home pageRob Totte’s picturesLoi Tran’s home pageTino Tran’s Vietnam photosJˆrg Windeler’s home pageIf you feel I’ve left you out, please let me know!

Split Mountain

When a few friends of mine mentioned that they were planning an ascent of Split Mountain, one of California’s 14’ers (peaks above 14,000 ft), I jumped at the opportunity to join them. I hadn’t done any major hikes or backpacking trips this season and I was itching to hit the trails. And now that I’ve taken up running, I wanted to see just how well I could handle a serious hike.I started working on this posting several weeks ago, but as you can tell from the length of the entry, it’s taken me a while to write. The hike took place over the weekend of October 3-5. Continue reading

Pain in the Shins

I had to skip running with Eric tonight. My shins were really sore when we ran on Wednesday night, so much so that I had to stop after 1.5 miles or so. I’m not sure what caused it. Maybe it’s because we run on pavement so much rather than on soft ground or on a track. Maybe I need to stretch out longer before we start. Maybe I need to drink more water during the day. Maybe I’m not getting enough Calcium in my diet. Maybe I need to replace my shoes, as they’ve gotten quite a bit of use in the past 6 months. I’m not sure what the cause is, but I figured I should take a break to see if they get any better.