Big Basin

I’ve just posted some photos from our trip to Big Basin State Park about a month ago. I’ve modified the template a little from the temporary test album I posted a few days ago. I still don’t think the navigational tools are obvious enough yet (hint: you don’t have to user your browser’s back button). I need to find that fine line between obvious and non-distracting… someway to put “training wheels” in place initially that can be removed once the navigation conventions are learned. I have a feeling the answer may lie in browser cookies. Fun fun fun…

Silence Is Golden

These past few weeks have been really busy for me at work, so much so that I’ve been doing a bit of work during my commute on the train. I usually write most of my entries while on the train so I haven’t had much time to work on updates. However, before too much time passes I figure I may as well post on what I have been up to recently: working on some site updates, travelling back to Michigan to see the family, and preparing for fatherhood. Continue reading