Bright Eyes


Amelia’s first two teeth broke through on her 5 month birthday. It’s funny to see her adjust to the new set of choppers. Occassionally she’ll move her jaw up and down to feel the teeth press her gums. It’s funny to watch. She’s a bit congested, too, though we’re not sure if it’s from the teething or whether she has a cold.

She’s also learning to roll over. First it was back to front. Then front to back. Now it’s both. This evening she rolled back-to-front-to-back-to-front in about a minute. Exciting times at Casa Windeler.

Pink Peepers

I was planning on taking Kaija swimming during my lunch break today at the nearby fitness center we recently joined. Plans have changed, however. She woke up this morning with puffy, slightly blood-shot eyes. “Mommy, I had a bunch of gunk in my eyes this morning, but I wiped it out. It’s all gone now.” Uh, oh. Jennifer’s mother, whom we had seen on Friday, called us on Saturday saying she had come down with Pinkeye, most likely contracted from our niece a few days prior. Sure enough, 3-4 days later we’ve got a case of it in our house. Amelia was rubbing one of her eyes a little more than usual last night, too, but so far does not show any of the symptoms… yet. I just hope Jennifer and I can avoid it. Jennifer’s taking the girls to the doctor to get some medicine. We’ll do our best to avoid sharing it with the rest of you!