On the road again

The run this morning went really well. My collarbone barely bothered me. In fact, it was the rest of my body that was telling me, “Hold up there, buddy. You haven’t made us do anything this strenuous in a month.” So I decided to take it easy today: a warm up, 2 miles at a slow pace (11 min/mile), a cool down and a lot of stretching. It looks like I should be able to start ramping up the training this week.

A Nice Pair

A few weeks ago I took a trip out to California for a training class for work. Since I’ve got a lot of friends in the Bay Area and it’s prime snowboarding season in Lake Tahoe, I decided to take a few days of vacation out there and organize a trip to the slopes.It was only after I had made the necessary arrangements that I realized the weekend we’d be in Tahoe was President’s Day weekend. This was a weekend I generally avoided when travelling because everyone and their neighbor takes advantage of the long weekend. Oops.So due to the long weekend traffic and a wet weather system that decided to move through that day which caused snowy conditions and chain requirements, the drive took 10 hours instead of the usual 4-5. Not fun. Fortunately I was able to rent a vehicle with 4WD so we didn’t have to mess with the chains. Unfortunately, the next day I got less than 2 hours of snowboarding in before I took a tumble, went head over heels, landed on my shoulder and fractured my collarbone. I didn’t know that for sure at the time, but it certainly felt similar to when I fractured the other collarbone in high school.I got up, brushed myself off with my good arm, met up with my friends and made it down to the bottom of the lift. I decided to sit one out to see if my arm felt any better after a few minutes. It did not. So my good friend Eric and I headed down to the first aid station. They took a look at it and said, “Hmmm… there’s quite a bump there. You should get that x-rayed at the hospital.” So Eric drove me to the ER to get the x-ray done. Sure enough, it was a green-stick fracture.The next few weeks were quite painful. Sleeping and getting dressed were the worst. Tying shoes was quite difficult to say the least. And I know there were certain parts of my body that got cleaner than others in the shower. I’ve now got most range of motion back but still find some movements a little painful. The doctors say it usually takes about 6 weeks to recover. I’ve just reached the end of week 4.The marathon training has been put on hold but I hope to start up again shortly. I tried to do a short run last Monday but the jolting was too much for the shoulder and it hurt quite a bit the next day. I hope to start up again soon. The event is in just over two months and I’ve got a lot of miles to put in before then.A big thank you to everyone who has made a donation so far. I’ve raised well over my required minimum and I’m certain that there are quite a few people affected by blood cancer that appreciate everyone’s amazing generosity. Please don’t let the fact that I’ve already reached my minimum amount stop you from donating if you haven’t already. Every dollar matters.