Updates to Site

I’ve moved the blog from it’s own directory into the top level of my home directory. I decided that I could move all of the links from the previous main page to the right hand column of the blog, thereby making the blog the main feature of this homepage.I’ve posted more photos to the web site, including Easter Weekend, Memorial Weekend, a weekend getaway to Fresno, and Jennifer’s and my cousin Don’s softball game this past Tuesday evening.2002.06.30 – BW – Update to Update. I’ve added more photos to my site, including my Trinity Alps hike and trip to Napa from this past October. Additionally, I’ve added direct links to the photos from my trip to Malaysia/Australia/Germany.

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Jennifer and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday by going out to dinner at La Pastaia in San Jose. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by already. It seems like we just got back from Yosemite. How nice it would be to be heading to Tahiti again! Quite a lot has happened in the past year: we’ve both had job changes. I took a trip to Malaysia/Australia/Germany. We’ve taken a few weekends off to stay in bed and breakfasts. It has been a great year and I’m sure we have many many more ahead of us!

Will CD Copy Protection Backfire?

I’ve been thinking a bit about the efforts that the RIAA has gone to in order to limit piracy of music via the Internet. Due to the recording industry’s random application of irritating copy protection schemes on audio CDs, will music consumers become so fed up with the inconvenience that they will actually be driven to the one place the RIAA doesn’t want them to go to get their music: the Internet? Continue reading

Take a hike

After spending several hours in REI yesterday, I walked away as one happy camper. I’ve been looking to pick up a pack for backpacking for quite some time now. I’ve borrowed and rented a few different kinds over the past few years to figure out what fits, which packs were reliable, and which features are important to me. Continue reading