Post Log

While I was training for the marathon I had been posting my progress on a separate blog. Now that the training and marathon are over, I don’t plan to update it anymore. However, I recently came across a new site called We Endure that touts itself as being a “social training log”, encouraging people to track and share their training for endurance sports with others. I’d like to continue training for future endurance events so I’ve created a profile. And since I’ve kept a running log (ever since I started running several years ago!) like a good runner, I was able to import my training mileage since I started with Team in Training back in January.As the site was only announced to the general public a few weeks ago, there are still a number of bugs to be squashed and features to be implemented. However, as it stands now it is quite functional and useful. I highly recommend checking out the site, maybe creating an account for yourself and, of course, start tracking! It would be great to have friends to share training trials and tribulations with.