Native species

I was just looking on Amazon for a book about landscaping in Michigan and came across this passage in the first few pages of the “Look Inside” feature of Landscaping with Native Plants of Michigan

Not only does a native plant depend on the organisms with which it has evolved, but the other organisms also depend on it, creating a true web of life. This natural system of checks and balances ensures that native plants seldom grow out of control in their natural habitats.

I got to thinking, why is this important? Objectively speaking, nature finds a way of “adapting” regardless. What will be, will be.

I think the importance is actually a reflection of our own values. Humans value control. We value predictable situations. Checks and balances afford predictable situations and non-dramatic, non-disruptive shifts that we can adapt to or react to to minimize adaptation requirements.

Where else do we hear about “checks and balances”? As any high schooler could tell you, the U.S. government. The founding fathers were smart men.

I only wish the financial industry were open to more checks-and-balances style regulation instead of feeling like it cramps their style. Perhaps we wouldn’t be in global economic crisis we are in now if they were.