Take a hike

After spending several hours in REI yesterday, I walked away as one happy camper. I’ve been looking to pick up a pack for backpacking for quite some time now. I’ve borrowed and rented a few different kinds over the past few years to figure out what fits, which packs were reliable, and which features are important to me.After renting an Arc’Teryx Bora 80 on my trip to the Trinity Alps at the beginning of October last year, I was hooked. It was a really nice pack, fit me well, and seemed to be well constructed. So with a few generous donations to the cause from my family on my birthday, I decided to buy one. It was a bit difficult to plunk down the moolah for this pack, but I convinced myself that it’s worth it. After reading several glowing reviews, I think this pack is going to still be in great condition after the many years and many hikes ahead of me.Now all I need to do is schedule a backpacking trip soon!

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