Soda Pop, Please

Want to travel the US but no look like a tourist the next time you order your Diet Pepsi? This site shows where the of various terms for “soft drink” (“pop”, “soda”, “Coke”, or another term) are used across the US based on submissions from Internet users. The usage areas seem to be divided up into the East Coast/California/some Midwest (“soda”), the Midwest/Northwest (“pop”), and the South (“Coke”). I personally used to use the term “pop” while living in Michigan but have since switched to “soda” since moving to California. I’ll never understand why folks in the southern states use the term “Coke”. I guess it’s along the same lines as calling a tissue a Kleenex or a bandage a Band Aid even though there are other companies that make similar products with different names. It’s amazing how deep a brand can penetrate the human psyche.

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