A Leopard at Home on the Sofa with Brake Lights?

Between redecorating the apartment, doing repair work on one car, getting the other one washed, doing the laundry, geeking out the Apple way, going to a housewarming party, and doing a bit of shopping this weekend certainly was a whirlwind of activity.Jennifer and I recently purchased a new leather sofa to replace the aging, sagging sofa sleeper in our living room. On Saturday we borrowed the services of our friend Justin who just happens to own a pick-up truck. We loaded it, drove it home, unloaded it, unwrapped it, sat in it, then said bye to Justin. Five minutes later, Jennifer realized it was the wrong sofa! There were two similar looking black leather couches at the store that we purchased it from and they had ordered the wrong one! Well, we called them up and explained the situation. Fortunately, they had the sofa we wanted in stock and were understanding enough to arrange to have it delivered on Sunday afternoon. We spent Sunday night on it watching an old Cary Grant movie Arsenic and Old Lace (very funny, by the way) and found that it’s not as comfortable as we thought it would be (this, even after sitting in it for about a half hour in the store). It’s kind of frustrating because we’ve been desparately seeking a comfortable couch that’s not going to make our posture any worse that it already is… and a cheap one a that. We’ll give it another week or so and see how we like it.Friday night was spent doing laundry. Whee! ‘Nuff said. Oh yeah, and I went to the Mac OS X 10.2 Apple event at the Apple Store in Palo Alto, where I bumped into a friend and Apple employee Tom Madden and spied Steve Jobs through the front door. I wasn’t able to make it into the store in time to mingle with Stevie, though, since the line to get in wrapped around several blocks of the university town. I did eventually make it inside though. They were having a 10% off sale that night and I was seriously considering an iPod or Cinema Display HD but decided we needed to save up our money for a house instead. :(Saturday morning I replaced the brake pads on Jennifer’s ’96 Pontiac Grand Am. We had taken it into Pep Boys a few weeks ago for tune up and inspection. They tried to convinced us that its pads and rotors needed to be replaced… for upwards of $300 for parts and labor. I said no way. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from working on cars with my dad is that rotors rarely need to be replaced unless they really look bad. If you let the pads wear down completely so it’s metal against metal, you might have to do that. This is an easy thing for auto repair shops to get you on because the average Joe Schmo doesn’t know enough about their car to realize this and doesn’t know how to verify the auto shop’s claim. Well, about $35 and a few hours later, I had jacked up the Grand Am, removed the wheels and brake calipers, siphoned some of the brake fluid out of the reservoir, replaced the brake pads, put the brake calipers and wheels back on, lowered the car back down, replenished the brake fluid reservoir, and was on the road again.Later that evening we drove to IKEA to pick up some new furniture for the apartment. Jennifer had bought a chair there about a year ago that we like, so we decided we wanted another one. We also picked up a few floor lamps for the living room, among other things.Sunday, we went to a house warming party for one of my previous coworkers from working at Xetex. Hu and Yan have made it into the exclusive group of home owners in the Bay Area. They’ve got a very nice house atop the hills of Belmont overlooking a canyon of brush and California oaks. It’s very airy and light inside, with many windows and a faux-hardwood floor that they recently laid down. Congratulations, Hu and Yan. Now about this marriage thing… 🙂

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