More Photos Added

I’ve added a few more photo albums to the site: Climbing at Mt. Tam (both color and black & white), Bass Lake and Yosemite, and Hiking in Yosemite. Still to do: Europe (lots of photos) and Aaron & Alicia’s wedding/Dream Cruise. Hopefully I’ll get to them this week sometime. I’m trying out a new photo gallery web page creator. Let me know what you think.I’ve started using iPhoto since I found the BetterHTMLExport utility. At first I thought iPhoto was kind of a pain to use, but it’s actually not too bad. However, I don’t know how well it’s really going to scale. I’ve got several hundred photos imported now, which is only a few “albums” worth (I seem to take more with a digital camera), and it’s starting to slow down a bit when scrolling. I may have to delete the imported photos and only archive the originals. BetterHTMLExport allows you to set up custom templates for exporting photos to web pages.I’ve published the four albums above using a template that uses some Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) tags. After experimenting a bit, I decided to remove the navigation buttons because they used too much of the vertical screen real estate. Clicking on the photo will advance to the next in the album. Clicking on the album title on the image pages will take you back to the index. Though perhaps less intuitive than with navigation buttons, I decided that it was straight forward once learned. If you really want to go back to a previous image, you can click your browser’s back button, or jump to the index and then directly to the image. I would rather use the browser window to show a larger photo than reduce the size of the image. Plus, there is less to distract the eye from the photo this way.I may add the navigation buttons back if I decide the interface is not intuitive enough. If so, I would probably place them either in the upper left or right hand corners of the whitespace on the screen (or one in each corner).Please let me know what you think of the new interface. Thanks in advance.

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