I Get Around

Wow. On a whim I decided to do a search for my name in Google to find out what would be revealed if someone wanted to find out about me. It helps that I have a fairly uncommon name and that I’ve done a bit on the web.One may find that I’m married, close to my family, a computer engineer living in California, a fan of Macs and Legos, a geek (OpenBSD, NetBSD, wireless ethernet), into computer security (smart cards, deslib port to BeOS), worked a little in Artificial Intelligence, play(ed) Ultimate, into music (Toad the Wet Sprocket, Train, Enigma), like to dabble in graphic design and have dabbled in virtual reality, and have German roots. Yup, that about sums me up. No need to do the search now. 🙂 The funny thing is that these links will now be considered more relevant once this entry is indexed by the search engines.

2 thoughts on “I Get Around

  1. You only looked for the web stuff? You should look in the usenet news archives. Did you ever find that fleece you lost? 8-)Search engines scare me sometimes.

  2. Dear God! Google has archived the umich newsgroups! My silly homework questions are archived for all to see. And yes, I did find my fleece. I believe I had left it in my office on the couch. Silly me. I also sold my Jetta, though I think that was through a posting my father had made in the newspaper.

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