Interesting Times

I received the warning found below in my Inbox today. It should be an interesting event, considering the brief article posted in Salon a short while ago. Not sure I want to be there, but I do agree with their sentiment. Justin Herman Plaza might be a little safer October 21st; Sammy Hagar and the WaboRitas will be performing from 5-7pm. 🙂Please note that SFPD advises us there is a “STOP THE WAR AGAINST IRAQ” demonstration planned for Saturday, October 26, 2002 beginning at 11:00 a.m. at Justin Herman Plaza (Market & Embarcadero). Between 8,000 and 25,000 people are expected to participate, and a march is planned to the Federal Building at 450 Golden Gate Ave, then to Civic Center Plaza for a closing rally.SFPD has unconfirmed information that certain factions may advocate civil disobedience, create disruption in the downtown area, and possibly engage in property damage and violence. SFPD is planning to facilitate the demonstration and will have officers deployed along the march routes and at the demonstration sites… the Department will do the utmost to ensure the event is peaceful and lawful.However, given the expected number of demonstrators — and no assurance that all participants will stay together along designated routes and remain peaceful, the Department wants to give early notice of this event to the downtown community. Businesses are advised to take whatever precautions they deem appropriate and prudent, such as an extra employee watching the door with instructions to institute a quick lock-down should that be necessary. Retailers with expensive items in sidewalk windows may want to consider additional steps to ensure the protection of their property.

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