Digital Freebees

Apple and Kodak recently had a promotion for 100 free 4×6 prints when submitted via iPhoto. The offer originally expired on December 31, 2002, but it looks like it may have been extended until February 28, 2003. Below is an account of my ordering experience, as posted on the Apple discussion board (may be deleted eventually). One thing that I did not note in the posting was that I went to Mike‘s place to celebrate New Years Eve, so in order to monitor the image uploading process I set up VNC on my G4 before I left and remotely checked up on the process periodically from time to time. Isn’t technology grand?Due to the 2-digit credit display problem, it’s rather confusing knowing whether you have the 10 photos or 100 photos. You’ll know which you have by adding one 4×6 print to your order and seeing what the credit amount is decremented to. For example, if you had 10 to begin with, 9 will be displayed. If you had 100 to begin with, 99 will be displayed.Why might you have 10 rather than 100? When you activate your 1-Click account with Apple, you are rewarded with 10 extra free 4×6 prints. So in reality, you should probably have 110 free 4×6 print credits unless you had activated your 1-Click account earlier and have used the free prints already.I was confused when I saw the 10 credits (that decremented to 9), until I realized that the AppleID that I had just registered the 1-Click account with was different from the AppleID that I had registered for the 100 free prints. My normal AppleID uses one of my .mac email addresses, but I had registered for the free prints with my main .mac email address. I set-up a new 1-Click account using the email address I had registered for the 100 free prints (and thus creating a new AppleID) and behold! There were 110 credits (displayed as 11) for that newly registered 1-Click account. So in effect, I received 120 free 4×6 prints total! It would seem that you can get 10 free prints for every AppleID and 1-Click account that you register. Of course, there are charges for shipping.I had a few problems uploading the images on Dec. 31. The first time I tried to place the order (the first 10 prints), the images never started to upload, so I had to cancel the process and re-place the order ($3.99 shipping). After discovering that I had 110 prints that I could still order, I placed another order ($6.99 shipping). The image upload hung after the 14th image, so I had to cancel the process. With only hours left before midnight PST, I reduced the number of photos to 48 with the hopes that I could at least take advantage of some of the free photos ($4.99 shipping). That process ended just minutes before midnight. I didn’t get the order for the remaining 62 prints started until after midnight PST ($6.99 shipping). The credits were accepted and the order was placed successfully, so the deadline was probably extended.

One thought on “Digital Freebees

  1. Well, I got the photos back. Most of them turned out surprisingly well. The faces and general flesh tones look a little flat and… well… peachy, but other than that I have no complaints. I’m not sure if the flesh tone issue is due to my camera (Olympus C3040) or the Kodak process. Many of the images look much better, brighter, and higher contrast on screen, but I’m assuming that is because they are back lit rather than reflective at that stage. I will definitely consider using the iPhoto/Kodak order process again, though I will probably avoid submitting photos with large areas of exposed skin.

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