War Protest in SF

I received the following notifications today about road closures in San Francisco this week due to war protests.—Law enforcement officials have advised that numerous protests are expected in San Francisco, specifically in the financial district. Resources indicate protestors may block various street intersections and/or businesses throughout the downtown area, beginning tonight – Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 5PM and continuing on and off through Thursday and possibly throughout the weekend. The primary stated purpose of these protests is to “stop business and traffic” within the financial district.—Although it is impossible to predict what events might occur and impact, not only the daily commute, but passage around the City, it is possible to plan ahead for possible disruptions to either public transportation or roadways. As you are probably aware, street closures due to protests have recently occurred in downtown San Francisco. Several organizations have identified various streets and intersections to be closed down upon confirmation that the United States has entered into a war. The aforementioned protests are scheduled to begin at 7am the morning after the confirmation of war. Although these may change, areas of potential activity, which include protests and/or blocking of streets, are as follows:1) Lombard & Van Ness2) Polk & Broadway3) Polk & Bush4) Market & Franklin5) Division & Van Ness6) 6th & Brannan7) 5th & Mission (SF Chronicle)8) 3rd & Folsom9) Harrison & 2nd10) Harrison & Fremont11) Embarcadero & Market12) Broadway @ Columbus13.a & 13.b) Stockton Tunnel14) Powell & Bush15) Market & 6th16) 16th & Valencia/Mission17) Howard & Fremont18) Embarcadero & Washington19) Embarcadero & Broadway20) Parking Lots:a. Civic Center (McAllister betw. Polk/Larkin)b. Sutter/Stockton (entries on Bush and Stockton)c. 5th/Mission (entries on Mission and on Minna)As morning hours are a time of heavy commute, please be advised that should your normal commute have the potential to be affected by the protests you should have an alternate route planned. There are numerous information resources available and I encourage you to review them, prior to any disruption that may occur. The following are some of the resources available to you:1) Dial 511 from any Bay Area phone and you will be connected to up-to-the-minute road conditions, public transportation announcements, and ridesharing options. 511 is a comprehensive system that includes Caltrans, California HIghway Patrol information and street and road closures for each county.2) Radio channels, KGO,KCBS, KPIX AND KTVU all carry travel information via their stations and the web. They also have maps and text descriptions of traffic and road conditions, and carry announcements from public transportation providers.

One thought on “War Protest in SF

  1. Hello Brahm,I was very happy to see, that there are some intelligent people in the United States when I read this: http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/03/20/sprj.irq.war.protests.ap/index.htmlI hope, that more people will find out, that this war is a fault. George Bushs decision is a decision against all, what other presidents built up since the second world war. Think of the killed children in Iraq when you go to the next election. War is always wrong! Bush was not able to prove the existence of chemical and other weapons in Iraq. He even could not prove, that Iraq support terrorists. The only reason for this war is the profit from oil. Saddam Hussein is no innocent person, but is this enough to kill thousands of people?There are demonstrations around the world against the Bush administration, but there are other reactions, too:http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/europe/03/20/sprj.irq.internat.reax/index.htmlI hope, that this criminal war won’t start the third world war. Pray for the innocent iraqi people.

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