Weekend Warrior

I did quite a bit this weekend. It feels like it flew by, but I’m definitely paying for it now. Muscles… so… weak… so… tired…Friday

  • helped move the sofa sleeper and single bed out of our apartment and into a friend’s in Palo Alto (so good to have them gone!).
  • went out to dinner at a new Indian restaurant called Marigold on University Avenue(Yum!).
  • stopped by the Apple Store and checked out the new iPods. (Groovy, baby! Yeah!)


  • went out to breakfast with a bunch of friends (Denny’s Meat Lover’s $4.99 special was awful. Got what I paid for I guess).
  • rearranged the furniture, vacuumed, assembled a rocker chair from Ikea that’s been sitting in our back room for about a year (apartment looks so different now).
  • tried to repair a halogen lamp (failed miserably).
  • bought new underwear (yay)!
  • competed in an indoor rock climbing competition called Cranko de Mayo at Planet Granite (mixed emotions about performance early on but had personal breakthrough at end).
  • watched the KFOG Kaboom fireworks from the Sony Metreon with some friends (kaboom!).
  • went out to dinner at Max’s in San Francisco (mmm… macaroons).


  • slept in (zzz).
  • went to the Farmer’s Market in Mountain View (mmm… almonds, cherries, dried nectarines, zucchini, eggs, strawberries).
  • did 8 loads of laundry (ugh. including 2 sets of sheets and a duvet cover).
  • video conferenced with Mom and family for Mother’s Day (Hi, Mom!).
  • ran 5.25 miles with Eric (farthest yet! Heartrate of 190bpm reached. Ouch!).

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