Today was a long day. The alarm went off at 4:30am. I slapped the snooze button a few times and rolled out of bed a little before 5am. Two eggs hit the skillet, the orange juice was poured and I ate as I prepared for the first phone conference of the day.It’s production roll-out time for my project and we get to deal with all of the little issues that of course had no interest in showing their ugly head while in the testing and user acceptance environments. Oh, no. They had to wait until we moved into the production environment.So today was a busy day. I stayed at home due to the frequency of the phone conferences. The last call ended at 8:15pm. The craziness was only interrupted by a short nap in the late morning (hey, I couldn’t concentrate, okay… I wasn’t doing anybody good), answering the door in my boxers and t-shirt to sign for a package, and a shower and haircut in the late afternoon. The night was topped off with a dose of “Dude, Where’s My Car?” in the presence of friends. Just what the doctor ordered for a long, stressful day: a mindless, stupid comedy and good company.

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