Going the Distance

Jennifer and I were driving home late Friday night when we pulled into the left-turn lane at the intersection just south of our apartment. There was another car ahead of us waiting for the light to change. The only problem was they had stopped so far back that they hadn’t crossed over the light trigger embedded in the pavement. Of course, considering how aloof the second largest demographic in this area is when it comes to driving (and maybe I’m stereotyping a bit, but I’m just calling it how I’ve seen it… and I’ve got friends in that demographic that back that statement up), the driver neglected to realize that at least 2 signal cycles had gone by without getting the green left turn arrow. We started honking and motioning with our arms to move forward but the car in front didn’t budge. Finally after another 2 cycles of the signal and our repeated “hints”, the driver decided to creep up about a foot and a half. I was about to get out of the car and show them the error of their ways, but apparently this was enough to put the nose of their car over the induction loop and trigger the light change almost immediately. *sheesh* Anyway, it was a pretty amusing situation, though a tad frustrating at the time.On a related note, here’s an interesting take on car horns.

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