High Weekend Density

This weekend allowed me little time to sit idle. Not that I can complain, after all, it was because I was enjoying life to the fullest: a Pink Floyd tribute band concert, the Sunnyvale farmers’ market, an Art Car show, a bachelor party for a good friend, surfing with friends, a video conference with my parents, and a game night with friends.The weekend started Friday night in San Francisco. After playing a little guitar over at my co-worker Jeff’s apartment near Japantown, we swung by the Avalon Ballroom to pick up tickets for the The Machine show then grabbed a bite to eat at Sliders around 8pm. Mike drove up from the city and met us around 9pm. We checked back at the box office to see when the band might be going on stage. They were originally scheduled for 10:30pm but due to sound check problems they weren’t going to start until 11:30pm. Ugh. So we headed back to Jeff’s place and caught the tail end of a Simpons episode and watched the first 45 minutes of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels before heading back to the venue.The band started right on time. They opened with “Welcome to the Machine”, of course, then proceded to play a number of other Pink Floyd tunes including “Dogs”, “Young Lust”, and “Echos”. The band itself was really quite good, though the video clips that were projected behind them left something to be desired. After about a 30 minute intermission, they performed all of Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz projected on the video screen. They didn’t put much effort into keeping in sync with the movie, though the performance rocked. They had a guest saxophonist cover Dick Parry’s parts and a female vocalist cover Claire Torry’s parts. The saxophonist was very good, though he didn’t stay true to the album. The vocalist was spot on for notes and emotion, though she seemed to drop some of the phrasing. The other thing I thought could have been better was the drum solo during the intro to Time. However, I don’t think Nick Mason ever played the solo live the same as on the album, so I guess that’s okay. Another difference was Money was played with the break down in the middle as I’ve also seen Pink Floyd do live.After the Dark Side set, The Machine continued with “One of These Days”, “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”, “Fearless” and “Run Like Hell”, among others. The show ended around 3am, which made the drive back down to the South Bay a little agonizing as I longed for bed! We felt a little out of place at the concert, too, as we were probably the only ones not high or lighting up. Though the second hand smoke did start to get to me after a while!Saturday. Crawled out of bed at 11:30am, showered, tossed on some clothes, then Jennifer and I headed to the Sunnyvale farmers’ market like we try to do every Saturday morning to pick up some fresh fruit for the week. Strawberries, peaches, and grapes made their way into our backback this time around.After a quick lunch, Jennifer and I headed to downtown San Jose where an art car festival was happening outside the San Jose Museum of Art. I would say there were approximately 50 or so cars modified to the owners’ creative desires. Hands down, our favorite was a car titled The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir that was covered with animatronic lobsters and Billy Bass fish that danced and chanted “Hooked on a Feeling”. A sight to behold, for sure!At about 4pm I left to pick up Eric and head back up to San Francisco for Hu’s bachelor party. In light of the first rule of bachelor parties, I’ll just say that we had a good time sending Hu off into the world of the wedded ones.After the party, Eric and I crashed at Robert’s place in the city. We planned to go surfing Sunday morning in Pacifica and his place was relatively close. After staying up until about 3am chatting, we got up at 8:30am and headed for Linda Mar beach. Due to a little bad planning, a few unfortunate decisions when it comes to which direction to turn, and fate, the three of us are now very familar with the locations of the three surf shops in Pacifica. Rather than getting bogged down in the details, I’ll just say that by 11:45am we were in the Subaru with three long boards running the full length of the interior. I drove, Eric was in the back seat behind me, and Robert scrunched up in the luggage area behind Eric. No matter, we were on the beach and suited up by noon.The water was quite a bit colder and the waves were quite a bit larger than what I had experienced during the lessons I took at Manresa beach south of Santa Cruz a few weeks earlier. Paddling back out after a run into shore was brutal as the waves were quite powerful and could easily negate any progress made paddling away from shore. The cycle seemed to include several long periods of minimal swells followed by a series of ridable waves. Being a relative newbie at this, I was only able to get up twice, once for about 15 seconds or so, another for 4-5 seconds. It was a lot of fun, but I definitely need more practice.By 3:30pm we were all beat, so we rinsed off, loaded the boards back into the Subaru and drove back into Pacifica to return the equipment. As it turns out the Pacific Coast Fog Fest was happening down town, which was kind of ironic since even though it had been overcast all day, the sun had finally burned through the cloud layer and there was hardly a cloud to be seen when we arrived. We quickly wolfed down some grub from the festival food booths and headed back to San Francisco to drop Robert off back at his place.I often video conference with my family on the weekends and this one was no exception. My brother recently moved back to Chicago after 6 months in Washington, D.C. and doesn’t have his computer set up yet, so this week’s conference was just with my parents.Last but not least was game night over at Brad and Dipti’s. Occassionally they host a get together at their place as an excuse to visit with friends. After a yummy pizza dinner we played a few heated rounds of Pictionary, Scattegories, and Tabou. It’s interesting to see how people can get so worked up and nit-picky over the most trivial things (including myself). Is it to prove intellect, assert power, or just defend what one believes is right? I don’t know, but it doesn’t really matter. We all had a good time in the end.

One thought on “High Weekend Density

  1. Brahm I highly enjoyed your entire website! From seeing pics of jen’s belly to all the latest books you’ve read;) Quite a random collection of book topics might i add. I liked going to the car art show with you this week, thanks for the view of CA art. (we don’t have stuff like that in seattle)I even (thanks to the pics you took at pentwater) felt a little closer to home for a bit there. Sounds like you have a pretty exciting life down there, i’m very impressed with all the variety of places you all have been and just how active you both are! Very inspiring.. keep it up! See you both soon in june! May your life still be wonderful even if Arnold is your governor….-marz

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