More Photos

None of Kaija this time. Sorry to disappoint. :)No, I’ve been catching up with the photos that I had not gotten around to posting for various reasons. But now that I’m taking a little time off from work, I’m putting the time between Kaija holdings to good use.My friend Robert Seymour and I took a hike in the Sunol Regional Wilderness on November 1st. The trail was representative of much of the Bay Area hiking that I’ve done: up and down golden hillsides, open skies, sometimes through pastures of grazing cattle. The weather was a little cool and windy but perfect for hiking.My cousin Don’s son Forrest celebrated his third birthday on November 16th of this year with much of his nearby family. He was excited to see everyone, though perhaps a little reluctant to share his toys. I think the balloons kept him just as entertained as his presents.

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