Emporium Demolition

I spent yesterday’s lunch period on top of the 5th and Mission Garage in San Francisco watching a demolition crew tear down remnants of the old Emporium building. It was a gorgeous day and quite the site to behold as large machinery tore down floors, walls and I-beams with ease. Several men were spraying water over everything to keep the dust down as debree fell several stories to the ground. Much of the building, which takes up much of the city block, has already been torn down. However, it appears that they plan to keep the large rotunda for the shopping mall that will take it’s place. A Bloomingdale’s is also planned for the site.After finding those pictures, I read the article linked to them. Looks like I’m not the only one who found the spot a great place to watch.UPDATE: (2004.03.03) I’ve added photos of the demolition that I took in mid February.

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