Hiking at Lake Tahoe

We spent the weekend of March 20th at Lake Tahoe with our friends Matt and Minette. It was a pretty relaxing trip that included a nice leisurely snowshoe excursion near Mt. Rose. The temperature was very warm – around 70 degrees Fahrenheit – so we all stripped down to our base layers shortly into the hike. Because the sun was so bright on the spring snow, photographs became fairly difficult. These are the few photographs that turned out well enough or were salvageable by adjusting brightness levels. The last photograph is from a short stroll we took along Donner Lake.

2 thoughts on “Hiking at Lake Tahoe

  1. Lori, where did you come from?!It <em>was</em> a hard day for pictures… I did manage to stitch together this decent <a href="http://msqr.us/ma/BrowseAlbums.do?key=pIVZZ/tVtlhSA2hoMR6agwuYGsU&amp;page=1&amp;album=84&amp;item=4905&quot; rel="nofollow">panoramic of the view</a>.Minette &amp; I actually returned to this trail a couple weeks later on another brilliantly sunndy day and did the full 5 mile, 2000-ish feet elevation gain walk up to Relay Peak, with amazing 360 views of the lake and surrounding areas… but I forgot to take my camera on that trip. Grrr. We did it without snowshoes this time, the snow was packed/melted enough that our boots were just fine.

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