Stop the Deception!

Once again the Bush administration has backed an unscrupulous measure that will open the door to non-organic being sold under the term “organic”, this time through the USDA (who looks out for the agriculture businesses, not consumer health).Why? Items that are labelled with term “organic” are generally perceived to be more natural and pure and usually are sold at a higher price. The higher price is usually due to the fact that crop yields aren’t as good when pesticides and herbicides aren’t used. The reduced quantity is the trade-off for increased quality.Personally, I think this is bound to backfire. It could potentially dilute the term “organic”, thereby a higher premium will be difficult to charge. Judging by the crowds I see shopping at Whole Foods, the primary purchasers of organic food are also the successful, upper middle class and above that would potentially gain financially from the decision. They will have to choose between looking out for their own health or make an extra unscrupulous dollar.I doubt Whole Foods will back the legislation. Being America’s first national “Certified Organic” grocer, the one thing they have that makes them stand out from the rest of the grocery stores is the trust that its customers have in it to not sell them “unnatural” food. If Whole Foods loses that trust, it will have a hard time staying afloat.Considering all of the “business-friendly” reversals of existing policy that the Bush Administration has put into place, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pass a bill making drug dealing legal. I bet if the drug smugglers, dealers, and lords complained loud enough that the current law is hurting their business, the Bush Administration would open that market right up.

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