Birthday Tidings

My birthday is coming up. The big 2-9. Next year *gasp* 30! Where have my 20’s gone so quickly? It seems just a short while ago that I turned 21 (though that’s probably because according to my mom, I’m probably still 21… long story).That said, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the kind guestures that a few of my friends have made to recognize the event. My good friends Sandy and Leon treated me to dinner Wednesday night at one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants in the area, Dish Dash. Then last night, when I went to see my friend Mike in a showing of Servent of Two Masters at Foothills College, he came out with a bunch of his acting friends before the show, gave me a piece of cake, and they sang happy birthday to me in front of everyone in the audience.So I just wanted to say thank you to the three of you. You’ve made my birthday already and it hasn’t even happened yet!

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