Spam Me Not

I got hit with a major web log spamming Monday night. Occasionally I’ll get hit with 1-5 spam messages in the comments at a time. Monday night it was almost 140 spam comments. There are a few things that irked me about the situation.1) I received no e-mail messages regarding the comments. I’m assuming that a backdoor has been discovered in Movable Type to allow posting comments without notifying the entry author.2) I’m running MT 2.64. The last free version before 3.0 was 2.661. I didn’t upgrade before 3.0 was released and now it appears that 2.661 is no longer downloadable. I’m assuming that maybe the backdoor was fixed in this later release but I’ll never know.3) I’m not sure if I really want to upgrade to 3.0 yet. It costs money for web logs with more than 3 authors (which would affect I’m still exploring other options.4) There’s no easy way to bulk delete comments. I’ve had to throw together a template to manage this (it’s far from ready for prime time, so I won’t release it to the public yet).5) There’s no easy way to bulk close commenting for entries. I think there may be a plug-in for this, but I think it relies on an SQL backend and I’m not using that. Looks like I’ll have to write another template for this.

2 thoughts on “Spam Me Not

  1. Thanks for the info, Dave. I had considered using an MT plug-in, but didn’t feel the problem was bad enough until now. I’ve installed MT-Blacklist on the site. Only the future will tell how well it will work…

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