Mt. Shasta

On Father’s Day weekend, I hiked up Mt. Shasta with my friends Rob, Brad, Matt M, and Matt G. Though it was the most strenuous physical activity I’ve done, I had a terrific weekend. I’m happy to say we all summited with no problems (though with a little sunburn here and there), thanks in part to the glorious weather. This allowed us to sleep beneath the stars sans tent Friday night, hike up firm snow Saturday and Sunday mornings, and glissade down softer snow Sunday afternoon. The views were amazing the whole way up.Matt M and Matt G also have photos posted from the trip, which tend to be more complete than mine as they took more photos during the actual hike.I plan to post a more thorough report of the trip soon. I’ll add it to the extended portion of this entry when it’s complete. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

One thought on “Mt. Shasta

  1. Sweet you climbed Shasta? did you see the aliens?I want to know.. did you rent all that stuff or do you all actually own crampons and ice axes?nice work! I hope to play on mountains like that someday.

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