Transcending the Windows Experience

Arguments between Mac users and Windows users usually bore me. I’ve heard the claims hundreds of times before. PC user: PC’s are cheaper/Macs are too expensive. Mac user: Macs have lower Total Cost of Ownership. PC user: PC’s have more applications available. Mac user: Macs have many of the same worthwhile applications and much fewer of the junk applications. PC user: PC’s are used more in business. Mac user: Many executives actually have and prefer Macs and are much more prevalent in the “creative” industries. And so on and so on…I use both systems on a daily basis and I can easily say I prefer the Mac (which I started using back around 1985). While not completely free of headaches, the overall experience has always been orders of magnitude better than my Windows using experience.Despite this fact, I’ve never really been an advocate for the platform. It’s just not my style to try to influence others based on my own beliefs. Okay, maybe I did take a stab at getting my wife’s sister to consider one when she was in the market for a new computer… she bought a PC which, of course, she ended up having problems with later on. But other than that, I’ve pretty much just kept to myself.That said, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that many, if not most, of my techie friends have purchased Macs in the past year or two. In the past, my computer engineering friends were more PC centric, I think mainly because they were cheaper and thought to more more of a software developer’s platform of choice. So it came as a surpise when friend after friend started purchasing a Mac as his or her personal computer. I’m not sure how to explain it. Is it that the new(est) incarnation of the Mac operating system (Mac OS X) has Unix underpinnings (meeting the techie’s needs)? That the interface is just elegant and just works (i.e. the last thing I want to do after a day of fighting with my PC at work is come home and fight with my computer at home)? That Macs are, for all intents and purposes, devoid of the “joys” of spyware and virii (I don’t even bother to run anti-virii software on my Macs at home)?I don’t know, but I came across this editorial written by someone that switched from Windows to Mac and has reflected on the psychology of the change (rather than the technical differences).

2 thoughts on “Transcending the Windows Experience

  1. I’m right there with your findings, although I have to say I’ve never owned my own PC. Ah, except to run Linux on for servers… but that being said, I’m totally jazzed because after 3 years I’m getting a new Mac: liquid cooled G5 baby. She was born near Hong Kong, flew to Alaska last night, and arrives in her new American home tomorrow!So… know anyone that wants a G4? Or a 17" flatscreen? =)

  2. Congrats on the new G5. You’re now the second person I know to have one (my brother being the first).I’m still going strong with my G4 from January 2000. It’s basically maxed out with RAM, has an upgraded video card and processor (went from 350 MHz to 450 MHz due to a hand-me-down upgrade card) and runs just fine for what I use it for (e-mail, web, and photo processing) so I’m in no hurry to upgrade.

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