Slick or Sick?

I’m sure DuPont would like to prevent this news from sticking in the public’s mind. Apparently Teflon has been shown to release toxic fumes containing a chemical called Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), bad enough to cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, and birth defects in pregnant women. DuPont allegedly has know about this since the 70’s and 80’s but illegally withheld the research findings.I guess it’s time to look into some alternative cookware options. The non-stick frying pan we have is long overdue for replacement. We registered for and received Calphalon Kitchen Essentials cookware as wedding gifts a while back but have yet to break them out of the box. Looks like they are in the hall of shame, too. Oh, and all that outdoor gear I have with Gore-Tex in it? PFC’s. *sigh*

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