Baby Kaija Walk

Well, I haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I owe it to the friends and family to make this one a good one.As I previously noted, Kaija started walking a few weeks ago. When sufficently motivated, we’ve taken out the video camera or used the movie mode on the digital camera to record her walking.Now, through the magic of iMovie, I’ve compiled all of these film segments into a short (8 minute, 15 second) movie that I think you’ll enjoy. I’ve supplied different encodings appropriate for various Internet connections speeds. Quicktime 6 or better (or software that can play MPEG4 encoded video) is required.High [45 MB] (for faster broadband connections)Medium [17 MB]Low [6 MB] (for slower modem connections)And as an added bonus, here’s some raw footage of Kaija walking the width of our apartment (complete with a livingroom strewn with toys) [14 MB] that I hadn’t downloaded from the camera to the computer before starting the project so it didn’t make it into the movie.

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