I let Kaija “help” me do some work today, though I’m not sure if I’m going to let her do it again for a while. I’ve learned my lesson.Sitting on my knee at the table, I let her pound away on the keys to my laptop after saving my work and quitting all of the active applications. Inevitably a window would pop up here and there, which I would promptly close. Based on past experience, I figured the worst she could do was rename something on the desktop. Jennifer and I have deduced that that’s how the hard drive on my PowerBook formerly known as “Macintosh HD” became known as “dghf”.But of course, I’m a software guy, so that’s all I had really considered. Kaija had other plans. She was more interested in the hardware. As she raked her hands across the keys, she managed to rip the right Shift key off of the laptop keyboard. I was loathe to discover that repairing it was no simple matter. It wasn’t just a cap that I could pop back on. There were several small moving parts under that key that weren’t easy to put back into place. About twenty minutes later after Jennifer and I had both put a lot of blood and sweat into it (okay, no blood), I was finally able to get it back to its pre-Kaija encounter state.I guess I’ll need to pull out the old PC keyboard in the closet to let her practice before our next work session.

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