Hoodwinking a Nation

Yeah, more false pretense by the top likely candidates running for the position of leader of our country.Let’s not debate, but we’ll call it a debate to make the citizens think there’s something important being discussed. Then we’ll talk about our feelings regarding a war thousands of miles away that we started under questionable circumstances and how decisive (or stuborn) we are and regardless of whether we’re going to hell in a handbasket or not (though we won’t say that), we’re going there decisively (or stubornly), because that’s what’s important! Then agree to talk about nothing else, including how to address the problems affecting this country directly. We’ll make it illegal to have another “debate” outside of this forum in which the audience is not allowed to pose questions, speak up, or critique anything said. And the whole process will be sponsored by large corporations.I’m so proud of what our country has become. *cough* Not! *cough*

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