Photogenic Progeny

As a baby shower gift when Kaija was born, we received a one-year membership for the Picture People. This gave us a few free prints and sittings for the year, so we decided to get some professional photographs of Kaija taken at 4 month intervals. Her 4- and 8-month photos turned out pretty well, but we left California before she turned 1 year old. There are no Picture People studios in Michigan. :(Jennifer found a coupon for a $5 photo package at the Olan Mills studio at the nearby K-Mart, so she took Kaija in last week. When we went to pick up the photos today, we found out that one of Kaija’s photos had been choosen to be used for that store’s Kid of the Week photo sometime in the coming weeks. I’m not sure how many photos of kids they take per week, but I have to say that’s pretty darn cool!

One thought on “Photogenic Progeny

  1. Hey Brahm!Not sure if you’d remember me from U of M, as this is really out of the blue, but I just stumbled onto your page, somehow, through some random traversal of U of M related links. I was in a bunch of your computer engineering classes; though not sure who our mutual friends were…Anthony Wen? David Bogue? Chad Partridge? I’ve forgotten, but anyways, looks like things are going great for you as well as your growing family!Email me when you can (and if you remember who I am) ;)Cheers!-Steve Chang

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