Deer Prudence

This morning, as I was reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that I needed to wake up, Jennifer shouted over to me from the window by our master bathroom. “Brahm! There’s a deer in our back yard!” Now the previous owners of our house said they saw deer quite frequently, but I had yet to see any in the month or so since we moved in. Jennifer saw one a few weeks back in our back yard as she was driving into our driveway but it ran off as she approached our garage. This deer was scavenging in the ground cover that runs between our back yard and our neighbor’s back yard. It wasn’t there long before finding some shelter under a nearby pine tree. As it walked it had a slight limp, as if its left rear leg was sprained.Later today, as I was coming home from the office and driving into the driveway, I was startled to see another deer to the right of the driveway near the back of our property. It stood and turned its head momentarily, then turned back and fled to the back of the neighbor’s yard.So after not seeing any deer at all for a month, I saw two in one day. It’s nice to know that the suburban sprawl hasn’t totally displaced the wildlife in our area.

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