14 Kaija months

Today Kaija turned 14 months old. Quite a bit has changed since the last update. I forgot to mention then that she no longer tolerates baby food. She’ll let us feed her apple sauce or yogurt, but she’s in control of putting everything else in her mouth.She used to like Cheerios, but since about the beginning of the year they’re so yesterday. She loves to eat a slice of plain bread or toast in the morning. She’s also become fond of Rice Chex. Other foods she likes: ground red meat (beef, gyros meat), pasta, peaches, pears, peas, dried cranberries, and anything that comes out of the crock pot. We have to be careful about the order in which we put things in plain view, though. If she sees us pull out the cranberries to sprinkle over our salads, she’ll stop eating her vegetables until she gets some.She still likes to sway back and forth when she hears music on the radio. About a month ago she added the Flashdance running-in-place routine to her repetoir, though she doesn’t seem to do that much anymore.She hasn’t really learned any more Baby Signs except for one that she uses constantly… No! Ever since we started shaking our heads when she threw her food on the ground or walked over to an electrical outlet and put her finger near it, she’s become very familiar with the motion. And she quickly picked up on the notion. She shakes her head when we ask her to hand over something that she’s not suppose to have or when we ask her if she’s ready to go down for a nap.Though she understands quite a bit of what we say, she really hasn’t expanded her vocabulary much. However, she does say “doh” when she shakes her head, and will say “dah” and “woof” when she sees a dog. She’ll also say “dat” and point to an object. We can only assume she’s asking “What’s that?” so we try to figure out what it is and repeat its name a few times.It’s pretty apparent than at this point Kaija has left the “baby” stage behind and is very much a “little kid” now.

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