More about Kaija

I know, I know, that’s about all I write about these days. I should probably start a separate weblog just for her.It’s just that I’m already missing the “old days” when she was just a few months old, watching her learn to crawl, stand, and walk. She’s still learning, though I think from here on out the milestones will be much more subtle and/or drawnout. Even as she learns to talk, it’s one word at a time and takes a while to build a vocabulary. Heck, even I am still building a vocabulary.So I guess in an attempt to capture these stages, to provide cues for the memories to be brought back from the back of my mind years from now, I’m compelled to write about the things I’m seeing her do.1) Kaija’s a mango lassi fiend. We ordered Indian take-out last weekend. She was curious as to what I was drinking in the opaque styrofoam cup with a straw, so I let her take a sip. Next thing I know, she’s making end-of-cup slurping sounds. There had easily been a third of it left before I let her take the sip. I couldn’t pry that thing out of her hands.2) About the same day, she stopped wanting to fall asleep in my arms at night. *sob* Pretty much ever since she was born, it’s been my responsibility to put Kaija down for the night. In the early months I would pace the room, cradling her in my arms and rocking her back and forth, singing to her. Then there was the period where she would want to sit up for a while, then lie down, sit up, lie down, etc. until she fell asleep in my arms. Just before she turned a year old, she decided that vertical was the way to go. She would lay her head against my shoulder with her baby blanket in between us, fuzzy side to her face. Now its about 2 months later, and she wants to be put directly into the crib when we turn the lights out. So sad. 😦 The upside is that she’s becoming a little more comfortable about being left alone to fall asleep and not crying out as much anymore. Additionally, and much to Jennifer’s delight, she seems to have begun sleeping though the night!3) As far as other food preferences go that I left out of the previous update, she loves cheese. She gets excited when we feed her some as a snack. We’ll occasionally have to suppliment a meal with a few slices of cheese if she has been particularly picky about a meal. She seems to like broccoli, too… at least, she tolerates it more than the other veggies we feed her.4) She loves to shut doors. She’d probably open them, too, if she could reach the doorknobs well enough to twist them. But failing that, if she’s in a room for a few minutes and spies a door, you can be fairly certain she’s going to want shut it sooner rather than later.5) She’s becoming more independent of us. She’s comfortable playing in her play room adjacent to the kitchen while one of us is fixing a meal rather than wanting us to play with her or pick her up.6) She loves walking around the house with the wooden Brio snail toy that her friend Adinah gave her for her birthday.7) When we’re putting her socks on, she will grab one and try to put it on her foot. She doesn’t have the coordination to quite get her foot in the hole yet, but she tries.8) Likewise, she’s working on figuring out the buckle on her booster seat.9) She loves opening and shutting the microwave door. While we are holding her in our arms in the kitchen, she’ll reach out toward the microwave. If we let her grab the handle, she’ll yank on it to open it. If she’s holding her sippy cup, she’ll put it inside. Then she’ll close the door and start pushing buttons (just like mommy and daddy do!).10) She’s still trying to figure out the whole going-outside-to-play-in-the-snow bit. She has a tendency to just stand still in her boots and snow outfit. And it’s hard to get much of a reaction out of her while pulling her around in a sled. Hopefully she’ll warm up to it eventually (pun intended).

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