Green Space YES!

As some of you know, I’ve been involved with a group in Rochester Hills working to preserve the remaining green space in the city. The main focus up to this point has been in getting a millage passed so that the city may collect money to purchase and set up conservation easements on private undeveloped land.I’ve been involved with the group since January when they regrouped after a failed millage proposal in last year’s election. I initially joined the Communications subcommittee with the intent of stepping outside my bounds and learning something new. Eventually, I also joined the steering committee that was formed, designed the logo and letterhead, worked extensively on the ballot language presented to the rest of the steering committee as well as much of the Frequently Asked Questions [PDF].I’m happy to report that all of the group’s hard work paid off, as the proposal passed in yesterday’s primary election [PDF] ! The hard work doesn’t end there, though. An oversight committee will need to be formed to determine how exactly the money will be used: applying for matching grants from sources such as the Trust for Public Land, determing which properties to focus on first, determining how much will need to go toward upkeep and improvements (nature trails) if any, etc.

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