Snowy Times

I haven’t posted any photos on the website in a while, but I took a few last week that I felt were worth sharing.We received about 6-8″ of snow on December 15th. As I plowed the driveway in the evening I realized it was a terrific night to take some photographs. The temperature was just below freezing (relatively warm), the moon was full, and the wind was minimal (though it did affect some of the photographs of the trees). So I pulled out the tripod and spent an hour or two doing some long exposures. Here are some of the better shots from the night.The next morning I awoke to the words “Brahm, look outside! It’s beautiful. You should take some pictures.” So I did.

2 thoughts on “Snowy Times

  1. Happened to check out Inv. Ele. today and saw your pictures of snowy times. They are beautiful – would make a great card or photo for the wall! Hope you don’t mind I peeked!

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