Lightning Strike

A lightning storm came through our area on the evening of Mother’s Day. We came home from celebrating the day with my parents to find shards of wood scattered across our yard. At first glance we thought the wind had knocked branches out of the notoriously messy cottonwoods in our front yard. Upon closer inspection we realized that two of the trees had actually been hit by lightning and ruptured when the sap inside boiled. It was getting dark quickly and I didn’t have time to grab my tripod so the photographs from that night were taken hastily by hand. I took a few more photographs the next morning.We discovered as we put Kaija down to bed that night that one of the wood shards had struck her bedroom window, creating a 6″ diameter hole in the outer pane. Fortunately the inner pane remained intact and the shattered glass remained outside.To add a bit of humor to the story, as we drove up the driveway and were taken aback by the whole situation I exclaimed, “Holy cow!” Kaija immediately asked, “Where’s the cow, dad? Cow in our yard?”. Later on, when Kaija saw the hole in her bedroom window, she said, “Poly Cow?” At first we were a little confused. Then she added, “Poly Cow did it?”. We couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Yes, Kaija. The Holy Cow did it.”

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