Kiddo updates

It’s been a while, so I figured I’d check in and share a bit about the kids these days.Amelia is growing by leaps and bounds these days. One of her most recent milestones was that she rolled from her back to front for the first time on Sunday. Exciting times. Next thing I know she’ll be doing summersaults like Kaija does in the livingroom these days. Amelia loves to smile at us, too, which is quite amusing considering she has no teeth yet (though Jennifer believes her eye teeth are starting to cut through)… gums from ear to ear. I am so glad she did not end up being as collicky as I thought she might in the first few months.Kaija has embraced toddlerhood with gusto. Currently she’s exploring the art of deception. If she’s doing something that she knows she shouldn’t be doing (e.g. trying to get a cookie from the cookie jar) and thinks we might be about to check on her, she’ll tell us “Don’t come in here, Momma/Dadda”. We’ll ask her if she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Silence. Admittedly she still has a bit to learn.She’s also become very inquistive with regards to anything an everything. “Why?” seems to have become the question of month:Me: Let’s go, sweetie. We need to get your shoes on you.Kaija: Why?Me: Because we’re about to go to Poppie (her name for grandpa) and Grandma’s house.Kaija: Why?Me: Because they’ve invited us over for dinner.Kaija: Why?Me: Because they love us and want to see you.Kaija: Why?Me: *sigh* Because they do. Now come on. Help me get your shoes on you…orKaija: What are you doin’, Dada?Me: [insert activity here]Kaija: Why?Me: [tired of the hundreds of incessant Why? questions that I’ve answered dutifully as a supportive parent up to this point] Why not?Kaija: Why yes?Me: *sigh* Because.Kaija: *sigh* Why yes?Me: You tell me.Kaija has also become a bit more creative in exploring concepts. For some reason or another, sometime’s she’ll call me Momma. I think it initially happened on accident, but it has developed into a quasi-game. I’ll tell her, “I’m not Momma, I’m [some other relative].” Recognizing that this is not the case, she finds the suggestion amusing and plays along with something like: “No, you’re not grandma, you’re Amelia and I’m Poppie.” Tonight at the dinner table she went even further with “I’m Grandma Judy’s Poppie. I’m funny. I tell jokes”. Jennifer and I got a kick out of that.

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