Lawnmower Man

I recently received a Garmin Forerunner 305 for my birthday (thanks, Mom & Dad!) and decided to see what it would record while mowing the lawn.Well, the above image is what it recorded. Due to the low-res map data that is bundled with the Training Center software, “Detroit” is prominently displayed in this decidedly non-Detroit suburb in which we reside.The yellow area on top (to the North) is our front yard. The white gap between it and the backyard below is the large driveway pad, the house, and some of the flower beds surrounding the house.I’ve also included the stats and pace vs. heart rate graph. It’s interesting to see that my heart rate was higher initially, probably because I was going in and out of the ditch along the road during that time. Also, apparently I walked just shy than 2 miles as I traversed back and forth across approximately 1/4 of an acre (about half of our 1/2 acre lot).

One thought on “Lawnmower Man

  1. Interesting application. Wonder if that’s what it would look like if you strapped it to Kaija and fed her some pixy stix?

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