Site Redesigned

In an effort to get myself interested in blogging again, I’ve made some tweaks to the design of this site. I stuck with the lonely cloud image in the header, as there’s something about it that resonates with me, even nearly 5 years after I took it. I’ve also become a fan of blog designs that have a wallpaper-like background, so I modified one that I came across a few months ago on a tiling image creation site to fit what I had envisioned for this redesign.

I’ve also fixed a few things that have bugging me:

  • Styling of my recent Twitter feeds
  • The banner/background “seam” when the browser window was extended
  • Everything is now centered in the browser window rather than fixed to the left.
  • Upgraded to most recent version of Movable Type

There are a still a few “smells” that I need to take care of, including:

  • Using a proper tabber for the right-hand column
  • Re-evaluating the contents of the right-hand column
  • Re-enabling comments

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