Training Update 1/28

Today’s training was a little rough. I got in late last night after watching a friend’s band play and then had to get up early to head to training. Working on 4 hours of sleep and forcing myself to not have any coffee prior to the training (caffeine causes the veins to shrink, thereby increasing blood pressure/restricting blood flow), I was feeling a little spacey on the drive there. The 70 minute spin session wasn’t too bad, but 3 three mile run afterward was rough. Three miles isn’t that far for me, as I often do a 7-10 mile run once a week. But it was snowing, the wind seemed to be coming from every direction, and my feet were cold and wet because the FiveFingers I ran in are anything but waterproof. April can’t come soon enough! And as many of us participants remind ourselves, every challenge and hurdle we struggle with during the training is nothing compared to the battle the patients with blood cancer face with their treatments. Nothing to do but suck it up and keep on fighting the good fight!

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